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Ball Valve Fitting

Ball Valve Fitting Manufacturers in Rajkot

Worldflow Pipes & Fittings are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of an assorted range of fittings in Rajkot. Ball Valve Fitting is one of those fittings and we have become one of the leading Ball Valve Fitting Manufacturers in Rajkot. We have spent more than 5 years in this industry and are now capable of offering impeccable quality ball valve fittings to all our customers. We understand the importance of plumbing components and that is why we utilize the best material in its manufacturing.

All the ball valve fittings manufactured by us are highly durable and are supplied with a warranty. They are known for their exceptional build which makes them easy to operate. We at Worldflow Pipes & Fittings are into the manufacturing of a wide variety of ball valves in Rajkot. We utilize superior-grade materials including brass, stainless steel, PVC, and many other metals for manufacturing ball valve fittings. Our ball valves have multiple features in them which make them suitable to use for varying applications. We have industry experts who are known for designing ball valve fittings with great precision. Our professionals understand that all the ball valve fittings designed by us should be designed in a way that one can handle them with ease. As one of the reputed ball valve fitting manufacturers Rajkot, we supply ball valve fittings of different sizes and shapes to meet the requirement of multiple piping systems with ease.

  1. Pressure Bearing Capacity
  2. Tensile/ Strength
  3. Vacate Softening Temperature This Will Ensure The Best Struggle-Free Service And Make Less Chance Of Issues Of Craking And Melting.


Certification in quality standards in bureau of indian standards isi standard quality product and also iso certified

C-PVC PIPE ½”,3/4”,1”,1’1/4”,1’1/2”,2 15,20,25,32,40,50 3-MTR
C-PVC FITTINGS ½”,3/4”,1”,1’1/4”,1’1/2”,2 15,20,25,32,40,50 SDR:-11 ASTM D 2846

All our ball valve fittings can be configured with ease in the piping system they are made for. At Worldflow Pipes & Fittings, we are producing these fittings in bulk quantity. It helps us support the plumbing industry in Rajkot with ease by fulfilling the requirement of premium quality ball valve fittings. We are known for offering fittings that show excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals. It is what makes them perfect to use with a variety of liquids and chemicals without getting damaged. The robust build and flawless finish of our ball valve fittings are what make our customers choose us over other ball valve fitting manufacturers in Rajkot.

All these ball valve fittings can easily withstand extreme temperature and pressure which makes them perfect to use in different industrial settings. They require low maintenance and are available at budget-friendly prices. To help people pick the right ball valve fittings according to the required applications, we have industry experts available to assist them.

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